Spread Bagelry Cherry Hill is OPEN! Next to Crumbl Cookies

Spread Bagelry opened today in Cherry Hill at the Garden State Park center on Route 70, sharing a new building with the popular crumble cookies. It is their 9th location for the growing Philadelphia based bagel outfit, who appear to be on a path towards building out more locations.

I stopped in for lunch today to check the place out, and I’ll tell you all about the specialty roasted chicken cheesesteak bagel I had today! Keep reading!

They are fully open for walk-in orders, but at this time they are not accepting online or catering orders. They new crew needs to get their legs steady first!

Spread Bagelry has opened their new location, this one Cherry Hill NJ! Philly-infused Montreal Style bagels

Spread Bagelry was founded in Philadelphia back in 2010 but seem to have shifted things into overdrive the last few years with a big expansion push. A King of Prussia store is up next and then they will start moving into other States!

In Cherry Hill they are on Rt 70, located in to the left of Home Depot in the area of the new Costco. As mentioned they share a building with crumbl cookies.

The Garden State Complex is having an amazing “foodie” year, having also recently opened Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, Sugar Factory and crumbl cookies.

A Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant is also planned for the complex.

Keep scrolling and reading to learn more about Spread Bagelry!

Lots of windows and light at Spread Bagelry Cherry Hill NJ!

What Style Bagel?

Whenever a new bagel shop opens the first question is “What style bagel is it? Is it New York or Philadelphia?”

How about… A Montreal-style bagel infused with Philadelphia brother love?!

The big deal about Spread Bagelry bagels (besides tasting delicious) is that they are first boiled in honey-water and then baked in a wood burning oven!

This is old world craft with a modern touch added in via a variety of delicious recipes.

I tried a bagel today as part of a specialty sandwich (more on that in a bit), and I found the bagel to be delicious, leaning towards a more airy style as opposed to the more dense varieties offered by some bagel shops.

There is a light crust that gives it some extra texture as you bite in, but I didn’t have to work hard to move my way through my sandwich.

It really makes for a perfect sandwich bagel and I can’t wait to go back for a classic toasted Everything bagel with butter and cream cheese. mmmm…. I may be back tomorrow morning!

Spread Bagelry offers 14 varieties of bagels. Boiled in honey-water and then baked in a wood burning oven! A bagel master-class! Cherry Hill NJ locations is now open!

Philly-Infused Montreal Style, With Innovative Spreads

For the Philly-infused, Montreal-Style bagels they offer 14 different varieties of bagels!

Sure they have plain bagels (is anything ever “just plain” about a Spread Bagelry bagel?)… to poppy, onion, everything, cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip and even…. Blueberry Lemon?

I have to go back and try a blueberry lemon bagel with cream cheese!

And speaking of cream cheese.. they even have TEN different cream cheese spreads!

Spreading the love of Spread Bagelry with a lunchtime specialty sandwich. New location in Cherry Hill NJ.

Plain, veggie, apple brown butter, scallion, nova salmon, maple bacon, strawberry and more..

Wow… I never heard of a pistachio honey cream cheese. How would that go on a blueberry lemon bagel? Maybe that apple brown butter is a better match?

Obviously they are more than just for breakfast, but since the roots of bagels start in the morning, of course Spread Bagelry offers a full selection of coffees, teas and even fancier barista fair like cappuccino, apple chai latte, mocha, americano coffees and more!

Spread Bagelry has opened their new location, this one Cherry Hill NJ! Philly-infused Montreal Style bagels!

Spread Bagelry Specialty Sandwiches

Spread Bagelry is much more than a bagel and cream cheese place… it’s a full deli sandwich shop!

I went all-in with something from the Signature Sandwich menu… A Roast Chicken Cheesesteak.

It was a really tasty sandwich! Perfect roasted chicken pieces, mushrooms mixed in, delicious provolone and a big twist was spinach!

Spreading the love of Spread Bagelry with a lunchtime specialty sandwich. New location in Cherry Hill NJ.

I chose a Sesame bagel with was perfectly cooked. The bagel is slightly more airy and not the dense style. It had a light outer crust that wasn’t “crusty”. Ha.

Overall its a perfect sandwich bagel as it has the text you’re looking for but was easy to bite through.

The roasted chicken, cheese and mushroom really worked well with the bagel. I think the spinach is the standout “oh I never considered that” item, so if that isn’t your thing just ask them to skip it!

Other interesting sandwiches on the menu include pastrami, brisket, corned-beef, tuna, smoked salmon and more!

And one last big category we didn’t discuss… breakfast sandwiches! All Day Breakfast sandwiches!

The Roast Chicken Cheesesteak features mushrooms, grilled red onion, melted provolone cheese, delicious and tender roasted chicken, and the big twist… spinach! Of course on an amazing Spread Bagely bagel!

The Standard is likely the top seller with eggs (or egg whites), choice of cheese and a selection of breakfast meats. Or maybe a healthier avocado slice?!

Of course they get way more advanced than that, offering a variety of breakfast sandwich options from the variety of fresh and delicious ingredients.

I think after I try that Blueberry Lemon bagel with apple brown butter cream cheese (yes I made my mind up on that big cream cheese dilemma), I am going for the “Carnegie Breakfast” which features New York pastrami as the breakfast meat component.

Hours are listed as Mon-Sunday, 7am to 3pm or Until Sold Out.

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