Full Steam Ahead for 2020! Adds Second Writer Neil S, Who Runs “A View From Evesham” News Site

Second Writer!  New 2020 Focus! is incredibly excited to announce that we are “pushing the pedal to the metal” in 2020, and have added a second experienced writer to the site!  Please welcome Neil… who many in the Marlton area will know as the writer and owner of “A View From Evesham”  (Website, Facebook).  Neil has become well known within his community for his unbiased and positive sharing of news in his community, and his Facebook page has 2,500 followers!

Neil will continue to write his A View From Evesham site which focuses on all aspects of his community, but he will also contribute new retail/restaurant/commercial stories to MarltonPike.  MarltonPike has a significantly larger town coverage area… but it is a much more focused niche.  Neil lives in the East end of the Marlton Pike area, and works in the West end of our focus region, so every day he drives the MarltonPike territory noticing stories to publish.

Neil joins Mark Matthews at Marlton Pike who has had retail news blogging success over at 42Freeway, which focuses on the towns in and around Route 42.  The 42Freeway site has over 16,000 followers on Facebook, over one million webpage views in the prior 12 months, and already 170,000 web views in the single month of January 2020!  Mark will continue to write at 42Freeway but will also contribute at MarltonPike.

In just a few days Neil has posted THREE stories to Marlton Pike and our Facebook likes are already up 120 people (people like the stories they see in the page or groups where shared, and like our page because they want more!).    Mark is already worried he won’t be able to keep up with Neil!  ha!

Please Send Us Tips!  If you have a Tip, Story Idea or “Hey what’s going on over at…” question you can send them via our Facebook page, or the Contact form here at the site!

A Facebook advertising push has started to let more people know we are out there, and we already have a LARGE list of stories to write.

The “Sister sites” have a territory breakout of:

  • MarltonPike: North Camden County and West Burlington County 
    • Cherry Hill, Marlton, Mt Laurel, Moorestown, Voorhees, The Haddons and more!
  • 42Freeway: South Camden County and Gloucester County
    • Deptford, Gloucester Township, Washington Township, Williamstown, Glassboro, and more! (heading deeper into GloCo in 2020!)

In the middle of the two sites is the White Horse Pike which is seeing a ton of Commercial growth also…. that’s somewhat of the dividing line and is a judgement call.  We won’t mention that Mark also owns domain name (nothing running there)

Please invite your Facebook friends to like MarltonPike!

A View From Evesham (Neil’s Evesham Community News Site)

42Freeway (Mark’s Retail/Commercial site for the towns around Route 42)

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