Super Wawa Approved For Gibbsboro at Clementon Rd and Lakeview Dr.

A new Super Wawa was approved in January for Gibbsboro at the intersection of Lakeview Dr and Clementon Rd, on the corner where Super Jet gas station was located.  The new Wawa property will extend down Lakeview Drive and actually it will extend down and around behind Masso’s!  The intersection also includes a Wells Fargo Bank and the Chophouse restaurant is close by.

Super Bowl Player Opens New Dollar Party Store in Medford

Ever since Party Stop (formerly Rosie’s Dollar Parlor) closed 18 months ago, Medford has been without a dollar store.  That changed last Sunday, when Dollar Party opened at Sharp’s Run Plaza (Acme Shopping Center) on Route 70 in Medford. The store is stocked full with your typical dollar store items: party goods, pet supplies, toys, …

Read moreSuper Bowl Player Opens New Dollar Party Store in Medford Full Steam Ahead for 2020! Adds Second Writer Neil S, Who Runs “A View From Evesham” News Site is incredibly excited to announce that we are “pushing the pedal to the metal” in 2020, and have added a second experienced writer to the site!  Please welcome Neil… who many in the Marlton area will know as the writer and owner of “A View From Evesham”  (Website, Facebook). Neil will continue to write his Evesham community news site, but will also contribute new retail/commercial stories to MarltonPike and it’s larger readership territory! Neil already has posted three stories!